Why can’t I have hamburger as it should?

October 14, 2007

Maybe they exist since a quite long time. I’m talking about those soft round not too small sandwiches with some grains on and on the image at the front of the pittahouse they are filled with at least hamburger, salad and tomato.The first time here on Jourdan plein I couldn’t get one. Overthere if I remember well they’re as expensive or cheap as an ordinary pitta, pitta gyros let’s say, namely 3.5 euro. I thus commanded something else.The second time was somewhere in Ukkel or surroundings. The male servant at the counter had packed the thing already when I said that in fact I wanted to eat it IN the restaurant. When it was packed out I saw there were no tomatoes on it. I told that man I wanted it exactly the same as on the image not too tease him but only because I had taste for that. I mostly eat such a sandwich when I really eat “underway”, when I can just leave eating and wait until I’m back home, but as I still have to do the “routine” I do eat (–>my mother wants me to eat).

I sat down somewhere in the back of the restaurant and one of the shopkeepers at a table before mine turnt towards me to continue their sawing. I said “o if it’s only for thàt you address me I can best start a discussion with thàt guy overthere”, a fairhaired(?) frenchtalking on age.

I moved and sat down face to face to the guy at the table next to his. I looked straight to him not intended to turn my eyes away from him.

The Turkish on his chair turnt towards the frenchtalking and started a discussion. But then I had understood. “We even don’t know one another, if it is for your too much of salad, tell what I have to pay more. Is half a euro enough?”

Then it was in order and there was shut up about the whole thing and I left the restaurant with the can of fruitjuice in my hand.

Yesterday I was in Schaarbeek and commanded another soft hamburger let’s say. He wanted to know I think if a student sandwich was ok also, but I really didn’t need fried potatoes again, and o even french bread wasn’t needed. While he stood there with the aluminium already in his hand I asked if he had nothing against me eating it inside. That was no problem. He asked me what sauce I wanted and I commanded my usual one: garlic sauce. I had the impression he preferred me to say “ketchup” but I had enough of that since the day before when against all expecting my sardines appeared to be in tomato sauce when I had opened the metal little box. He didn’t feel to much to prepare anywhat in the world maybe, but he still did his job and asked if I needed salad and eventually cheese. This last was new for me, but why not.

Ladies and gentlemen, I got a soft round sandwich with or without grains with quite much kind of mayonaise, probably garlic sauce. The question of that garlic started years ago and is there fault, mayonnaise was as good for me but they don’t always have mayonnaise. Further there was a what is called hamburger also in, and a slice of ziz cheese. You know, I just wouldn’t have made problems of the tomato this time, there was no salad at all. Tomatoes can be expensive, we all know that.


3 helicopters above Elsene

October 14, 2007

Momentanously there are three helicopters in the air here in Elsene.  It is as if they want step from the one into the other, well if thàt works one or another day…

Only during a small moment I had scared they wanted to (a plain is passing also meanwhile) tempt me to the Brunch Meetup this afternoon, you never know the organisator, a Londonese black man has so much of money.

They really did great things those three helicopters, they among others flew on their side if you understand what exactly I mean.

Ladies and gentlemen, my cat can sing !

October 13, 2007

Poetipoet is found back!  In few minutes I hope to leave here for searching her and after that I would put her on a kind of hollidays at Willy’s so that the question of her capability of singing can be checked out further.  Let’s hope he hasn’t changed his mind meanwhile and he still wants to have her in his appartment for some nights.

I really don’t know if it is true what I wonder as e.g. yesterday quite early in the evening a singing bound people passed below my window on thisrd floor.  I heared Poetje always singing in the middle of the night but that says nothing, I know.  It must be an interpretation while I’m asleep of the noises she makes.

About Poetje’s rendez-vous

October 11, 2007

I wouldn’t pretend immediately the on 10-10-2007 disapeared white angoralike cat did have a rendez-vous, but I swear you strange things have been going on the last month.  Unless neighbour Willy’s girlfriend is an opera singer I think Poetje has sung and even several songs.  Why cats sing I really don’t know and I even have never heared about it.  But I wonder if this isn’t something that all cat pet friends know for themselves, that cats can sing and even talk.  Pity that we lack that scientific support.

The cat must have been disappeared out of hunger and fear.  Yesterday morning I had forgotten all over again her food in supermarket.  She thought she might already go upstairs but I caught her and put her back outside.  I hate her when I see how easily she let flatter, caress and take herself by more urban people.  She had pissed in the kitchen because now and then I experiment with her “fourniture” until it is arranged all the way I prefer.

I wouldn’t be angry for that, in fact it is Willy’s fault, my french talking neighbour.  They all have their big dog here in the house.  I swear you one morning my garbage bag was bitten open and all dirtiness laid spread all over what we call “the allee”.  But when they see my cat who is always very clean as every cat overhere, when they see her in the corridor, that sculpturer woman on the first  starts sawing she doesn’t want to see that cat lie about.  Do you think I still obeye those people as if heaven depended from it? 

“Monique, ça pisse partout”, Willy always says.  In earlier days he poisoned the mice in the cellar.    

Poetje has her microchip also !

September 19, 2007


Meanwhile Poetje’s “stolen” in fact. Or in any case that’s what I suppose. This morning I left the house for buying a new reserve of food in a supermarket, leaving the cat outside where mostly she waits under a parked car until my return. But this day she followed me gently while I walked over the trottoir.

Just before the corner a woman started talking to Poetje. She hadn’t seen me or didn’t know it was my cat maybe. I didn’t care too much, in fact I wondered if she really HAD got a chip, because mistakes aren’t out of this world, but I thought I could feel the microchip just under her white hairy skin.  Well let this be a good occasion to take the proof.

My first coffee meet up

September 7, 2007

Yesterday, thursday evening the 6th of September 2007 at 17 o’clock I had my first coffee meetup. The festivities took place in B 1050 Elsene’s quite popular bar “Belga” on Flagey Place where in earlier days Belgian radio and Television were situated. I left home at about quarter to five weapened with my portable and quite new creative webcam. I had also a study book of turbo c++ in my bag for whatever what reason even if it was only for giving myself a certain attitude. Because we always have plenty of occasion to study the faces of those who take part on the meet up page in question. Easily to find as soon as you are logged in if you reader are still enthousiatic after having read this small report.
I took a fruit juice because the whole happening had kept my mind busy for more than half a week and had made me nervous. Strange because I had some quite well succeeded meetings in the Dutch Mars Society in the year 2003. It must be since my trying to take part in SF café I always believe less in programming ones free time life on internet. it would have been a good occasion to integrate our Bub in my world, thing in which I failed desasterously. Why then? From the other side I couldn’t already imagine myself him agreeing to accompaign me to the Mars Society in Amsterdam. But now it was different, it was in Brussels. I can ascertain you people, this kind of amusement is lots harder then just ordinary visiting bars! I put myself somewhere between the limits of Belga bar, opened my turbo c++ book, read a bit in it while emptying my glass, stood up because I had forgotten to post the letter to my parents that was still in my bag and went to post office. “Damned” I thought by myself “probably the meetup even hadn’t started yet but 2.50 euro is me really too much for going back and sitting there as an idiot for a couple of minutes more”. I strongly suspect the whole meetup for being a promoting of Belga bar, although I shouldn’t exaggerate this. No, maybe it is not even true what I’m pretending here now, but in any case it resembles to that a lot!
I went to one of the ponds of Elsene for filming ducks and geese. Because this was one of the objections for making the meetup a well succeeded evening even if afterwards I wouldn’t have talked to anyone: the politeness could demand that you ask the people their acceptance for filming them. It was all too new for me. At the point my PC slowly started up. Meanwhile the whole local water bird population had become curious and came nearer to me. But that endured and the all the birds went away as it seemed them not much special I was doing there. When they had gone everything got ready and I could start filming, what I didn’t do. I closed and moved towards another place at the pond where they were fed, although this is forbidden. I suppose most white geese were ashamed. Most of them closed their eyes, something I had never seen from them. One of them did sign if they were on the movie now. I nodded my head. Around that time my battery got ermpty. let’s hope on better luck next time!

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Opening of Butler’s “Dawn”

July 30, 2007